I grew up eating burgers. I remember my dad firing up the barbecue on our deck and us sitting by the pool enjoying our supper. Back then I had simple tastes and preferred only ketchup and mustard on my burger. However, I’ve aged and so have my tastebuds so I’m more adventurous with my burger toppings now that I’m an adult.

On the Canadian Beef Facebook page , they have a fun infographic about the different “Burger Personalities”. While I grew up as an old school burger personality, I now prefer to be a little different. Out of all the personalities, the one that fits me the best is the Californian.

I love to experiment with my burger toppings and will try just about anything at least once. I looooove avocado and I actually put guacamole on my steak. Why use plain mayo when you can jazz it up a bit with some flavour? Mix and matching your toppings is fun! Fresh ingredients turn a simple meal into something more sophisticated and interesting.

The Californian

What do you eat on your burgers? I’d love to hear what burger personality you are! Check out the Canadian Beef Facebook page and let me know in the comments which one suits you the best!

*I was financially compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.*