Few moms across Canada will be traveling throughout the country to find answers to some very tough questions.

McDonald’s, one of the worlds largest fast-food chain has partnered with CityLine in a new program that gives influential mom blogger’s the chance to go behind the scenes at McDonald’s restaurants.

All-Access Moms was designed to show the integrity of the brand, that they having no thing to hide in terms of what they produce.These are the 3 women that were picked to be part of the All-Access Mom program:

Jill Amery
Maureen Dennis
Tenille Lafontaine

CityLine parenting expet Nanny Robina, host of The Mom Show, and her team will be tagging along with the women to record the whole experience. 

For more information on McDonald’s All-Access Moms visit the website: http://allaccessmom.cityline.ca