The ShesConnected team is proud to announce Tracy Moore, host of CityLine, as one of this years ShesConnected Conference speakers.

Tracy is a good example of the everyday women.  She  is both a professional, with a thriving career in media television, and a mother of two children. A boy named Sidney and a daughter named Eva. For many young women she is a role model, because she shows them that they can reach the top and be anything they want and still have a family and take part in great causes.

Tracy’s interests include home decor, food, fashion, health and beauty and this shines through the special guests that appear on her show.

When Tracy is not working on set or spending time with her family, she engages in the community. For example, Tracy is involved with Girls on The Run, an organization that allows girls to focus on sports and activities rather than focusing on their appearances. She takes part by hosting the girls annual graduation run. She has also taken part in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, where she walked over 60 kilometers in just two days.

Tracy holds an Honours Major in Political Science from McGill University and a Masters in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario.

We are honoured to have a powerful woman like Tracy speak at our conference.

You can follow Tracy on Twitter: @tracycityline
You can also follow CityLine on Twitter: @citylineca