I’m fresh from the BloggyCon or the Bloggy Conference in Mason Ohio that was held July 14th and 15th with a huge to-do list.  It’s always so much fun meeting fellow bloggers.  We have a common thread as soon as we meet that’s unique from any other type of relationship.  It is something I thoroughly enjoy.  And the networking in person is so much more fun.  I enjoy matching up the blog and online presence to the actually person.

BloggyCon covered Social Media, Marketing, Blogging 101, Legal Aspects, Niche, SEO and more with an intimate group of bloggers.  It was amazing to be able to ask questions from the Gurus and the experts in the room.  I think everyone felt very comfortable.  There was no such thing as holding back which accounted for a few rolls of laughter too from time to time.  It was a blast!

We also participated in “Bloggy Squads” that were tailored towards niche blogs and also “non” niche blogs.  Each Squad leader led the conversation to make sure each participant was able to get all of their questions answered themselves and also gave them the ability to help each other.   At lunch we had a chance to chat with those we weren’t sitting with which I enjoyed.  It’s nothing like meeting new people and finding out that you have a ton in common.

Back to that to-do list.  The speakers were excellent but they gave you so much to think about.  I made sure I brought a pad of paper and I took pages of notes which are my to-do’s.  As a blogger going to conference is a must!  Even as a seasoned blogger you will learn something you didn’t know.  And the networking and relationships that are built from these events are priceless.