Which brands are the most trusted in Canada?

Every year, Brandspark International surveys thousands of consumers to determine which brands they trust the most, over 133 different categories of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and the leading market research firm has just released the 2016 Brandspark Most Trusted Awards winners. Shoppers always want to make sure they’re bringing the most reliable brands into their […]

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Don’t be an April Fool!

Ah, April Fools. The tradition is so thoroughly embedded in our culture that I don’t even remember the first time I was pranked. I do remember wanting to prank someone else, though. Trickier runs thick in the blood of humanity, it would seem. April Fools certainly isn’t a new tradition. The first written account of […]

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TODAY: #PinkShirtDay

Did you know today is #PinkShirtDay?

Pink Shirt Day started back in 2007 when a young boy was bullied for coming to school in a pink shirt. That day started a nationwide movement where every year on February 24th, people across Canada join together to take a stand against bullying

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