Who doesn’t love being in love? I love being in love. I love being loved. February 14 is Valentine’s Day. It is the day we celebrate romantic love. In the past, I thought of it as just another day to receive gifts from my significant other.


This year I asked my true love not to buy me any presents for Valentine’s Day. I also didn’t want him to send me flowers either. The same for dinner. My true love laughed when I told him. He asked me if it was some sort of trick. I assured him that it wasn’t.

The next morning, he asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. Once again, I assured him that I didn’t WANT anything and that I really didn’t NEED anything either. Silence from my true love. At lunch time, he called me to tell how much he loved me and that he really wanted to buy me a gift for Valentine’s Day. He said that I deserve a gift and that he really did want to buy me something. I told him again that I did not want a gift.  He then told me that if couldn’t buy me a gift he was going to huge bouquet of flowers. By this time, I am getting a little annoyed. I told him for the last time – no gift, no flowers, no dinner. Period.

When we first met, I loved getting gifts from my true love. The more the better, The more expensive the better. The “let’s buy you this” no occasion gift when we are out shopping the better. I think you get the point. My love really isn’t a big gift giver – well not until I came around. He just said that he wanted someone to be with him for him, not because of his money. I did love him for him. I didn’t know he had money when I met him. What a bonus it was when I found out that he did! I accused him of being cheap. I used to refer to him as my “cheap” boyfriend.

My true love has finally made me realize how reckless I had been with my money and his 😊.  Now I am so glad I have a cheap boyfriend because the odds of us going broke are slim. That is why this Valentine’s Day I told him I didn’t want anything but his love.