There is a whole lot to tweet about home grown quality.   That is the goal of Canadian Beef who represents the 83,000 farms and ranches that produce quality beef for domestic and international customers.  Canadian beef is known throughout the world for its commitment and standards, and while they are a little modest about it, they do have a lot to be proud of.

A visit to your local grocery store will show imports competing with our domestic brand.  Canadian Beef creates a strong educational platform in their social media outreach to inform consumers of the difference between high and low grade options.   Not only is Canadian Beef rich in nutrients it is quality controlled according to Canada’s high standards for food production.  It is a healthy choice that you can feel good about for your family.

Part of the Consumer outreach program for Canadian Beef is providing insightful, friendly and informative ambassadors through Twitter.   There are presently four women that are responsible for communicating and answering questions from Canadians coast to coast.  We’d like to introduce you to them.

Anne Marie is a Communications Manager with Canadian Beef, and lives in Calgary Alberta (the home of Canadian beef production).    Janet works hard at answering questions and directing Consumers to resources.   Joyce is a Culinary Manager from Guelph, Ontario and she has the latest and most unique meal ideas!  Karine is a Registered Dietician who provides all the educational information about choosing Canadian Beef as a healthy option.

The main channel for communicating announcements and contests for Canadian Beef on Twitter is @CanadianBeef.  That is Heather Travis hard at work.  Watch this channel for exciting news, promotions and contests as well as announcements regarding new recipes available on the website.

We think Consumers are invested in learning more about the food they purchase, where it is produced and how better choices can improve their health.   Knowing that your beef comes from Canada offers some peace of mind in knowing that you are buying some of the highest quality beef in the world that follows Canada’s strict food production guidelines.

Get to know the Twitter team at Canadian Beef.  They are a fabulous resource and they sincerely enjoy meeting Consumers and answering questions.  Watch for upcoming Twitter parties where you can share in real time, connect with other women and get some great advice on meal preparation from Canadian Beef.

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