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Did you make a resolution to eat better in 2013?  If you did you aren’t alone.  The majority of Canadians make the same resolution every year to make better, more nutritious food choices for themselves and for their families.   Nutrition is the corner stone to a better quality of life overall and helps us achieve energy and vitality while helping to prevent health issues.

Canadian Beef wants to be part of your healthy 2013.  In their blog post “Food Resolutions for 2013” they encourage consumers to make a reasonable attainable goal.  Most diet and food resolutions fall through but Heather shares her insight on setting goals that are real and reachable.

“I will focus on eating well balanced meals and having a host of more responsible choices available for that afternoon ‘fix’.  I want to enjoy everything I eat, not kick myself for eating it after I’m done.  I also want to celebrate the tastes, the textures, and the diversity of flavours food offers.”

We asked some of the staff of ShesConnected to reflect on their health resolutions for 2013 and everyone agreed that healthy eating combined with making informed quality food choices were high on the list of priorities.   You feel better when you eat well, and one of the things we love about Canadian Beef is that they are a health focused brand that provides all the nutritional information and resources you need.   Visit their website for some fantastic healthy recipes and switch up your weekly menu with some new ideas from Canadian Beef.

Heather also gives some valuable tips on looking at your diet as a “Nutrition Budget”.   Her previous post on the topic is a great read, and shows you how to rethink your meal plan in a more strategic way to balance your nutrition.    For optimal health, choose nutrient rich foods such as vegetables,  fruits, grains, eggs, fish, chicken, legumes and dairy products.  And quality locally produced Canadian Beef.

What are your resolutions for the new year?  Do you use a formal meal plan for grocery shopping and for your cooking preparation each week?  Take advantage of the great tips and advice offered on the Canadian Beef Blog and feel free to share your ideas and questions with them.