Leon’s Furniture had 1000+ Designers aka their Facebook fans to help them create a new look!

Leon’s is one of Canada’s largest and most respected retailers, furnishing homes across Canada with their wide variety of furniture, major appliances and home electronics!

They appreciate their customers so they got social with their Facebook fans and had them create a new look that would be featured in their latest flyer.  They brought out the inner interior designer in everyone and came up with the fab four with the top look making the cover of the Leon’s flyer!

It’s fabulous to watch the video and see how the creation unfolded with the creativity and votes of Leon’s Facebook fans teamed with Leon’s Lead Designer Autumn and Stylist Anna!

It looked like everyone was having a lot of fun and those looks were everything from chic to cozy. Leon’s customers and fans definitely have great taste!

You can see more new, hip, bold & stylish looks on this quick video.

What look did you love the most? What would you have chosen? Are you more art deco, country living, modern or? Leon’s has it all!

If you can’t wait to see what Leon’s does next make sure to follow them on social media and maybe next time you can get in on the social action!

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