Sleep Country Canada  is proud to sponsor and celebrate World Sleep Day 2021 on March 19th. The annual global event was created to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and encourage healthy sleep habits.

As leaders in sleep for more than 25 years, Sleep Country understands the pivotal role sleep plays in overall health and wellbeing, which is why it is committed to helping Canadians get their best night’s sleep. To raise awareness about the importance of sleep, Sleep Country is championing World Sleep Day to inspire conversations about sleep and motivate actionable change.

Sleep is the fuel that powers one’s day and is an essential function of overall wellbeing that allows the body to reset and recharge for tomorrow. Sleep is fundamental to proper brain functioning, as it provides the rest and recovery it needs to perform optimally. A good night’s sleep can also improve productivity, concentration, energy, creativity and emotional regulation and management. However, with today’s demanding schedules, added responsibilities and increased feelings of stress and anxiety since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sleep is often most affected, yet overlooked and deprioritized.

Understanding these new realities, this World Sleep Day, Sleep Country partnered with SleepScore Labs, the sleep science company behind the world’s most comprehensive suite of evidence-based sleep solutions, to take an in-depth look at how Canadians are sleeping. SleepScore Labs analyzed more than 94,000 nights of data from Canadian SleepScore mobile app users, which accurately tracks sleep through users’ body movements and breathing rate. Their analysis found that many Canadians are sleep deprived with users averaging six hours of sleep per night – far below experts’ recommended seven to nine hours a night. However, when it comes to falling asleep, the majority of Canadian users (79%) fall asleep within the recommended range of five to 30 minutes, with the average time to fall asleep being 22 minutes. These two data points indicate that while Canadians on average don’t typically have difficulty falling asleep, they struggle to prioritize getting enough restful hours to maintain optimal health.

Other existing research also suggests there is correlation between social isolation and sleep quality. One study showed that those who had higher levels of social isolation were more likely to report sleep problems.  Given the lack of social interaction due to the pandemic, it is more critical than ever before for Canadians to take active measures to foster good sleep habits. 

“Sleep Country is on a mission to awaken Canadians to the power of sleep and its ability to foster better health and wellbeing, and this data reinforces that Canadians need to take active measures to prioritize their sleep,” said Dave Friesema, CEO, Sleep Country Canada. “This year has been exceptionally challenging on all of us, but the pandemic has also motivated Canadians to place a stronger importance on their personal health and wellness – and a good night’s sleep needs to be an integral part of the equation. This World Sleep Day, we want to inspire Canadians to reflect on their current sleep habits and educate them on how they can improve their sleep.”

To encourage Canadians to take better care of themselves and foster better sleep habits, Sleep Country is launching its #MySleepPromise campaign – inspiring all Canadians to make a Sleep Promise to themselves. Sleep Country understands that everyone’s sleep is unique, so the Sleep Promise is built on the idea that small, attainable steps will eventually transform into healthy habits. For some, this could be reducing screen time before turning in, creating a relaxing bedtime ritual or calming your mind with intentional breathing before bed.  Sleep Country is encouraging Canadians to share their Sleep Promise on Instagram by tagging @sleepcountrycan using the hashtag #MySleepPromise.

As an extension of the #MySleepPromise campaign, Sleep Country is also equipping Canadians with the products they need to optimize their sleep hygiene. This includes the launch of its new Sleep Well Shop which highlights a curated assortment of innovative wellness products to help Canadians fulfill their personal sleep needs and achieve a better night’s sleep. Sleep Country is also releasing five simple tips that can help Canadians get their best sleep.

Over the course of more than two decades in business, Sleep Country has earned the trust of its customers through its dedication to providing a customized shopping experience guided by the knowledge of its team of trained Sleep Experts, who are driven to find personalized solutions to Canadians’ sleep needs. Sleep Country’s innovative assortment of mattresses, pillows, bedding essentials and sleep accessories from the world’s most innovative sleep brands has made the shopping experience effortless for Canadians as they continue to prioritize their sleep and focus on their health and wellbeing.

To learn more about Sleep Country’s offerings visit or visit us on Instagram at @sleepcountrycan to participate in our World Sleep Day giveaway for a chance to win great prizes.