About a week ago I came across this great new device…. A fitbit. This little device clips on to any article of clothing and tracks my steps throughout the day.  I have often wondered how many steps I take a day and how that equals out into miles and now I know.  I never would have guess how many miles I walk, just by getting ready in the morning, taking care of my family, and doing things at work.  I LOVE this little thing.

Fitbit.com has a few different devices, but I decided to order the zip.  I was so excited to see they had pink!  Ordering was so easy and the next day they sent me an email saying it was on its way. It only took four days to arrive and I was on my way to counting steps.  It was super easy to set up.  I actually set it up from my phone and downloaded the app all at once.  My phone and zip talk to each other and it will also connect with a number of fitness apps out there as well, which is a really nice feature.  Not only will the zip track my steps, it also tells me the calories I have burned and tracks my sleep.

I have only had it a few days and now I take the long way around to do things, park further out at the grocery store, and try to get in as many steps as I can.  Its a little game I play with myself.  The first day I had it on I walked over 5,000 steps.  So far today I have done 2, 975 steps, which equals to 1.36 of a mile and my day is not over yet.  I am excited to push myself and see everyday just how many miles I walk.