If you want something fun to do, please be sure to visit your local ToysRus Store in Canada.

On April 8th and 9th from, 11am – 3pm, the LEGO® City of Tomorrow Team is coming to a Toys “R” Us near you.

*Please note, for stores that open at 12pm on Sunday, April 9th, the event will begin at 12pm and end at 4pm.

Here are some great reasons to stop by:

  • Turn your great idea into an incredible creation at the City of Tomorrow Build Table.
  • Team up with a LEGO Build Buddy and have fun building something amazing!
  • Photo ops and giveaways!



LEGO Build Your City of the Future

The mind of a child knows no bounds. And given the opportunity, a child’s imagination can be truly visionary and impact positive change. To that end, LEGO is hoping to inspire a nation of kids and is encouraging them to join the movement by building their vision for the city of tomorrow. We’re inviting young builders to leave the instructions behind and to think even bigger – we’re inviting kids across Canada to build the future!

With Canada’s 150 fast approaching, what better time to give the builders of tomorrow a platform to shape a truly inspiring future? LEGO BUILD YOUR CITY OF TOMORROW is aimed to inspire young Canadians to think about what will make Canada’s future cities better, brighter, and even more fun! Will there be more parks and green space? What will transportation look like? What about pets? How will technology impact our day-to-day lives?

Here’s how young builders across Canada can get involved in shaping their future…

  • Create their own LEGO CITY OF TOMORROW build expressing their vision for the future
  • Capture and Submit their creations online at http://www.legoplay.ca/city-of-tomorrow until June 4 for an opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime family trip to Ottawa on July 1st to experience the Canada 150 celebrations
  • Join a Free Family Team Build by visiting any of the 82 Toys R Us stores across Canada on April 8 or 9 from 11 AM to 3 PM for super awesome CITY OF TOMORROW build events. You and your family are welcome to join!