For the past three months we’ve been blogging and sharing our Guiding Stars journey. The Guiding Stars program is available exclusively for PC Plus members.

And now there’s even more incentive to find out about the Guiding Stars program. There’s an #EatMoreStars Event happening now until September 17, 2015.

#EatMoreStars Event. Eat more stars and earn more PCplus Points! #GuidingStarsCA #PCPlusCA

What are Guiding Stars?

Guiding Stars is a system that rates food from 0 to 3 stars based on vitamins, minerals, fibre, whole grains, Omega-3s, saturated fat, trans fat, added sodium, and added sugar. To find out more, please visit

How do you find stars?

Guiding Stars are found on shelf labels in participating grocery stores across Canada.


From August 26, 2015 until September 3, 2015 you can get 6,000 PCPlus points if you purchase $20 in produce.

Produce is a great way for you to learn about Guiding Stars. Most produce is 3 stars, and that’s why Loblaws is rewarding you for eating healthy.

To check the number of stars on products, you can visit the Food Finder section of the website.

Valid from August 26, 2015 to September 3, 2015


Tomatoes = 3 #PCStars #GuidingStarsCA
Eat potatoes. Potatoes have 3 #PCstars #GuidingStarsCA #EatMoreStars

Eat avocados. Avocados have 3 #PCstars #GuidingStarsCA #EatMoreStars

 How can you redeem great offer this week?

It’s easy to redeem! Just load your special Guiding Stars offers by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit

Visit to check out your Guiding Stars Personal Profile

Step 2: Select your Banner Store

Select the store with your PC Plus account.

Step 3: Login to your profile

You’ll be taken to the login page for your Banner store. Enter your email address and password to access your profile.


Step 4: Load your Guiding Stars Offer

I loaded my Guiding Stars offer and will receive 6,000 PC Plus points when I purchase $20 worth of produce by September 3, 2015.

Load your #EatMoreStars offers then load your regular offers!

And that is not all! I’ll also earn:
• 10 pts for each 1 star rated product
• 30 pts for each 2 star rated product
• 60 pts for each 3 star rated product

Loblaws is really rewarding me to #EatMoreStars

The more #PCstars you have in your shopping basket, the more bonus points you’ll get!

Step 5: Load your regular weekly offers.

Don’t forget to load your regular weekly offers too!

Don’t forget to load your regular weekly offers!


Have you checked out your Guiding Stars Profile yet? How many #PCstars are in your shopping basket?