Popular Brand that focuses on real beauty introduces a new product.

Dove has broken many glass ceilings, when the Brand created the message that all women should love their bodies, regardless of their shape and size through a campaign that focuses on real beauty. Under the campaign for real beauty, Dove also took on the initiative to develop a self-esteem fund, a girls only page, a mom’s and mentors page, an educators and experts page and finally a gallery of quizzes, tools, films and more.

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All easily accessible through their website and a great way for the Brand to keep their content flowing to all types of mediums.

Get fresh channel

Building self-esteem

Dove has also established itself on Facebook, reaching 1,630,957 likes, on Twitter they have 12, 634 followers and have turned to making mini web television series’.

These initiatives were started for the sole purpose of building engagement with the individuals that purchase their products.

Now to further their real beauty campaign, Dove introduced a new product, Dove Go Fresh Rebalance, a new fragrance from Dove’s go line.

The new fragrance is a mixture of plum and sakura blossom scent and is available in body wash, antiperspirant, and body mist.

Dove’s new fragrance consists of a go fresh Rebalance body wash which leaves you fresh and your skin nourished all day.

A go fresh Rebalance body mist is compact size and can be carried around and used whenever you need a refreshing feeling while on the go.

And to complete the package, a go fresh Rebalance antiperspirant that keeps you smelling fresh all day with 24-hour protection against sweat.

Dove even goes further on their website to provide women and young girl’s steps to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

The Brand does not only promote that one should love the skin they are in or even provide description of products available for shoppers to buy, but Dove has also introduced a get fresh channel.

The get fresh channel show cases the summer’s hottest shows.

The channel offers TV shows on-demand, entertaining games and exclusive content.

The get fresh series is hosted by Sarah Davis and covers the latest in lifestyle, summer and fashion trends that all women would love to know about.

The shows typically last for about 6 minutes each. So far, there are about 4 videos posted.

The get fresh channel is hosted by CTV.

Dove should pride itself as being a Brand that looks beyond driving sales, but as a Brand that wants to make a difference in each community.