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Insurance… not a fun topic to talk about. Everyone tries to avoid it and complains about the cost of having it, that is until you NEED it.  When talking about insurance there are some types that pop into your mind right away: car insurance, life insurance, and medical insurance.  But what about when you travel, do you buy travel insurance?

CAA South Central Ontario Travel InsurancePersonally, I NEVER travel without extra insurance, both medical and cancellation/interruption insurance.  You never know what life is going to throw at you and spending a little bit extra for the piece of mind it gives is well worth it in my books!

One person who taught me why travel insurance is so important is one of my best friends Meg.  A couple of years ago Meg and her hubby were going on a Caribbean cruise.  They had been cruising before, and excitedly headed out for their vacation.  Unfortunately mother nature had other plans in store which delayed them at their connection point for their flights.  When they finally arrived in Florida they rushed from the airport to the departure port just in time to see their cruise ship sailing away without them.  If they did not have any travel insurance they would have been out of luck, needing to find their own way to the next port to try to catch up and get on board.  Thankfully they always bought travel insurance and after a few phone calls were set up with a Cruise Shiphotel for the night, generous allowance for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning, and a flight the next day to get to fly to the first port of call to catch up with the ship.  On top of this they also received an on-board credit for the day they lost on the ship and some extra spending money for entertainment while they were stuck in Florida for the day.  Reimbursement was fast and easy with the submission of the receipts to the insurance company, and even included expenses like the taxi ride from the hotel to the airport to catch their flight.  If not for the travel insurance their vacation would have been a LOT more expensive and much more stressful all due to circumstances completely out of their control.

Think about the number of times you hear about baggage not getting to the destination with the passenger, or the contents being damaged.  On they way home, not such a big deal, but at the start of your trip it could be a disaster.  I know I would not want to be spending money on buying clothes, PJs or toiletries to hold me over until my baggage arrived.  People always think, it can’t happen to me.  However it CAN happen to you, so make sure you are covered so you can relax and enjoy your vacation!

CAA offers a wide variety of Travel Insurance options from Emergency Medical Plans & Vacation Package Plans to Additional Protection Plans (such as Rental Car, Cancellation or Baggage) to fit your individual needs for each trip.

Your insurance options with CAA don’t stop there.  CAA offers insurance for all aspects of your life including: AutoHomeHeath & Dental, and BusinessInsurance.  You can find out more about your insurance options with CAA South Central Ontario on their website, and also connect with them onFacebook and Twitter.THE GAME OF LIEE - CAA Life-side Assistance Edition

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