Canadian Beef

My Burger Personality

What is your burger personality. It all started with a what you are doing for the weekend conversation. BBQ party came up and hamburgers. Then I asked Heather our client at Canadian Beef how she topped off her hamburger. The result – a great program about your Burger Personality.   I love hamburgers. I think […]

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Show me your burger personality! #LoveCDNBeef

Canadian beef is the backbone to our family My husband’s family are many generational Canadian beef farmers.  It is all my husband knows.  He even tells the tale of woe from his childhood where he (and his brother and sister) had a roast beef sandwich in their school lunch, every single day.  He would often […]

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What’s Your Burger Personality? #LoveCDNBeef

I grew up eating burgers. I remember my dad firing up the barbecue on our deck and us sitting by the pool enjoying our supper. Back then I had simple tastes and preferred only ketchup and mustard on my burger. However, I’ve aged and so have my tastebuds so I’m more adventurous with my burger […]

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I have a Burger Personality

I have a Burger Personality Posted on July 28, 2012 by Ashley I’m not really a fan of meat.  Something about the texture and denseness of most meats leaves me feeling a little “blah”.  I understand the purpose of meat, I live with a HUGE meat lover (hello Corey and his 42 oz steak (ok so maybe […]

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My Canadian Beef Burger Personality

The fine folks over at Canadian Beef have a great contest going on and have challenged us to define: What’s your burger personality? They’re having a tweet up on August 7th and are also giving away $500 for joining in and letting them know just how much you #LoveCDNBeef. Find out your burger personality here on Facebook. As for […]

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