Canadian Beef

Canada Beef & Safeway Blogger Opportunity

Love your local Safeway? ‘Meat’ the decision makers behind the counter to learn about the variety of Canadian beef options available. we are selecting bloggers from the following areas: Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Penticton, New Westminster, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg to go visit their local Safeway. Fill out my online form.

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Are All Roasts Created Equal?

We asked our friends and experts at Canadian Beef to explain the difference (if any) between a pot roast and an oven roast.   The ShesConnected staffers thought that simplistically speaking, all roasts were created equal.  We don’t usually specify on our grocery list whether we are looking to buy a pot roast specifically.   Is […]

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The Canadian Beef Twitter Team

There is a whole lot to tweet about home grown quality.   That is the goal of Canadian Beef who represents the 83,000 farms and ranches that produce quality beef for domestic and international customers.  Canadian beef is known throughout the world for its commitment and standards, and while they are a little modest about it, […]

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Make Canadian Beef A Part of Your Health Resolution

Did you make a resolution to eat better in 2013?  If you did you aren’t alone.  The majority of Canadians make the same resolution every year to make better, more nutritious food choices for themselves and for their families.   Nutrition is the corner stone to a better quality of life overall and helps us achieve […]

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