My family loves the summer. We rarely eat indoors during the weekends and put our backyard to use as much as possible. The one thing everyone always agrees on for supper is to BBQ. But during the winter its not as appealing to stand in your winter gear trying to warm the BBQ to the right temperature for searing your fave steak. Its just not fun. The temperatures have been a little more bearable than earlier in the season so a couple weekends ago we decided to go to our local butcher and pick out some tasty Canadian Beef steaks and hamburger to sear on the cue. The kids were so excited. Nothing better than homemade burgers done just right on an open flame. To balance it out I prepared my famous caesar salad dressing and roasted some beer baked potatoes. Paired with a nice smooth bottle of red wine for hubby and I and we had a steakhouse supper fit for a king. photo 3 (2)

For the Steaks (T-Bone for Him Rib Eye for Her) :
Course ground sea salt and fresh black pepper
Pat steaks dry and season before placing on grill
3-4 mins a side and do NOT open lid 🙂

Fresh ground chuck
Bran buds
Worcestershire Sauce
BBQ sauce
Salt and Pepper
Grill until juices run clear – 8-10 mins on high heat

Caesar Salad Dressing:
Lemon Juice
Anchovy Paste
Salt /Pepper
Mix in wooden bowl with wooden spoon to blend ingredients – add romaine lettuce

Beer Baked Potatoes:
Pre cook potatoes in microwave
Remove and place in square tin foil sheet
Add butter
Drizzle with beer (whatever kind available)
Close up tinfoil and place on top rack of BBQ while cooking steak and burgers

It’s an easy meal to prepare and enjoyed by the whole family. If the weather is chilly it’s still a nice treat to BBQ a great family meal 🙂