Ever wonder about the beef that gets to your table? VG Farms in partnership with Longo’s are introducing a line beef that is fully traceable, a small herd, never fed antibodiotics, free range that are raised right here in Ontario.


What’s different about this  farm and the Angus beef raised right here in Ontario?

First there is at least one family member involved in every aspect of the process. This helps them to maintain the traditions passed down from there grandfather. They not only have generations of butchering experience but they have been involved in innovation and research.  Beef farming  is really there pride and joy!

They have the VG Tenderness tested logo so you know just how tender your cut of beef is. They are able to ensure that every single steak that you take home is tender.

They are raised, processed and packaged right here in Ontario and they are proud to display the Foodland Ontario logo.

Everything about every head of cattle is fully traceable. The age of the animal is recorded, as where it was raised, and any other significant events that they think we should know. This ensures the quality and consumer safety, you can even use the code on the back to learn the specifics about your cut of beef.

With VG Farms the cattle are on pasture when the pastures are healthy enough to do so. They have a choice of grass from the pasture or a medley or forages and grains that have been harvested close to the farm.  All the beef if free of added growth hormone, and because they work with nutritionists  to ensure good animal health, no antibiotics either. You can definitely tell this small herd is well cared for.

Do you want your beef to be done right, right here in Ontario?