I love long weekends and so does the family (really who doesn’t) and this weekend is a busy one! Friday is Valentines Day – the day my husband proposed to me. So we like to celebrate with a bit of “us” time. I’ve made reservations at a little local eatery here in town that is having a special Price Fix dinner including wine pairing (yeah!). I asked them to keep the menu a surprise – I like to have an open mind and choose what I like depending on mood. I am excited to get a little dolled up I have picked out my outfit for the night – nothing to restrictive as I want to be comfortable. Likely a flowy top, leather leggings and some tall boots. He likes my hair crazy and curly so I think I will surprise him with that (normal mom days require me to straighten so I look less disheveled) 😉

For the kids – we plan to surprise them with a special Valentines treat after dinner and have a movie picked out ON Demand that they can watch with the sitter. They will be bagged from school anyway so I expect them to enjoy a quiet sibling evening together.

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Saturday is a big day! My step-son is turning 7! He is the only boy (other than dad) in this house so we like to make sure each milestone is achieved with ultimate grrrr! So, we’ll bake his cupcakes in the morning – haha! He loves to bake! I have already hit the bulk barn for fun cupcake papers, sprinkles, chocolate and gummy hockey players (ya we are a hockey house also!) I can’t wait to enjoy our special baking time. My hubby and friend will take the kids tobogganing in the afternoon before dinner so I can get party decorations ready for his return. He wanted a sleep over with his BF so I have some snacks planned and a boy fort ready for their living room takeover. He wanted a new video game and LEGO and we were able to budget for both – so I think he will be a happy camper. His sisters picked out some summer clothes and few little trinkets they thought he would like. I like getting them involved so everyone feels they have been a part of it. I think it helps with little ones frustrations when they don’t quite understand why the attention isn’t on them for one day.

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By Sunday I think we will be in need of some lazy time – but since my hubby has to work Family Day we are planning a local skating trip to a pond near by that has great skating (its like a mini canal) so we can pull the little girls in sleighs and the older kids can skate with us. I will pack hot chocolate in thermoses (cause thats why my mom did when we were kids) and some snacks for them and have a sort of winter out door picnic. I love the simple things we do as a family. Local, active, fun and budget friendly. When you are 6 you have to think this way.

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day & Family Day Weekend (and if anybody is celebrating a Birthday – best wishes too!)