While Canadians can now file their tax return, many don’t feel confident enough to do it themselves. In fact, a recent Intuit TurboTax study found that more than 8 in 10 Canadian adults say they didn’t learn how to file their taxes in school.

For many, tax season comes with an onset of stress, balancing the need to have their taxes done right with over-investing on the filing process. With many counting on their maximum refund, the risk of leaving money on the table weighs heavy. That’s why TurboTax is committed to putting a real, qualified expert in your corner this year with TurboTax Live.

The study also found that two-thirds of adults aged 18-34 agree that they never learned the basics of filing taxes and would benefit from access to expert guidance and support. In fact, nearly half of this demographic do not feel confident in their ability to file their returns without the help of a professional. TurboTax experts have an average of 10 years of experience, so whether they’re reviewing your work, answering your questions in real-time or filing your return for you, you can trust them to get your taxes done right.

With half of adults who do not use an accountant or professional tax preparer agreeing that they worry about potentially missing out on credits that they don’t know about, TurboTax Live is working to break down this barrier for Canadians by helping them get their taxes done with professional support for the best value. From simple filing situations to more complex returns, including filing self-employed income, TurboTax has a filing solution for you so that you have peace of mind when you hit “submit”