Not to over play it, but what a breeze to my fingers, meaning my fingers just glide over the keyboard, no more pounding and waking the neighbors. I am a quiet girl now.

Oh, and I can take my Z830 anywhere. It fits neatly into my shoulder bag without breaking my shoulder. Now I know everyone is going to write about it’s wonderful tech advances (how much RAM, HD graphics etc.) but I am writing about what’s important to me; a woman on the go!

I like the Z830 because it’s quick, easy to use and fits my lifestyle with it’s easy to navigate applications and lightweight freedom. In a nutshell, every woman on the go deserves a Toshiba Z830 in her Christmas stocking.

My key points

1. The Z830 weighs less than 2.5 pounds and measures .63 inches thick, which makes it easy to carry for a woman on the go.
2. Backlit keyboard, perfect for someone like me who spend a ton of time in poor lighting and needs reading glasses.
3. It’s practical that the majorities of ports are located at the rear; get rid of that octopus look so many laptops have if you’re using them to their full advantage.
4. Amazing battery life. Mine just never seems to die and stamina is important to me.
5. It’s powerful enough for my needs. True, it’s not on par with other machines but it’s a tradeoff I’m willing to accept especially with its portability and storage. As a matter of fact, I doubt anyone will notice a significant difference between the Z830 and other ultrabooks out there.

If you’re a woman who’s always on the go like me, consider getting the Z830. In my opinion, it’s the ultimate Ultrabook in the market today and it definitely stands out especially with the points I mentioned above.