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When we bought our home in suburbia 8 years ago we knew that we were committing to being commuters. This decision was worth it for us but we knew that we would have to factor in the cost of gas, driving time and having a reliable vehicle. Along with these things it was important to me to have a membership to CAA to ensure that we’d have back up in case our vehicles broke down while driving. Being as attractive as we are there was no way that I’d want us stranded at the side of the road, becoming a target for who knows what kind of people….ha!


Seriously though our CAA membership has been valued over the years, not only has it given us peace of mind but it’s included discounts in stores and travel.

The Top 7 Benefits of CAA Membership

  1. 24/7 Roadside Assistance – We have had flat tires, been locked out of our car and on each occasion CAA was there to help. CAA is available 24/7 and with my hubby working nights he has had to call in the middle of the night. Thankfully they were able to help on site but if they couldn’t they would have safely delivered our vehicle to our location of choice. Did you know they will also help you on your bicycle?
  2. Protection in any vehicle – It doesn’t matter if we’re traveling in someone else’s car, CAA will come to the scene and help as long as we have our membership card.
  3. Discounts and savings opportunities – From movies to trips, CAA has teamed up with an array of retailers to give discounts to Members. Our family regularly uses the discounts for movies, attractions and travel. The list of available discounts is huge so rather than listing them, please head over to their CAA Membership & Savings page to see.
  4. Expert automotive advice – CAA is there to help us choose a repair shop or find any other information about our vehicle we need.
  5. Reliable travel planning services and tools – Two years ago we wanted to take a family trip to Walt Disney World but with my disabilities it felt like it was too large of a task to undertake. We turned to the Travel Planning team at CAA who set up the perfect vacation for our family. They kept my disabilities in mind and ensured we had the most value for our dollar while providing the most amazing experience for us all.
  6. Competitive insurance rates and exceptional service – CAA offers insurance which will suit your needs. Their rates are competitive and you can easily find a quote using their Insurance Quote tool.
  7. CAA’s strong commitment to the environment – CAA has a program called Autogreen which offers assistance to drivers in becoming eco-friendly. This year for every Member who participates in Autogreen, CAA will plant a tree on the Member’s behalf. They’re hoping to plant over 20, 000 trees this year alone.


Our CAA membership gives us peace of mind as commuters but also provides us with fantastic savings and information regularly. The fees are minimal compared to the benefits so why not head over to the CAA website today and see all of the membership benefits for yourself?


Don’t forget to check out the “THE GAME OF LIFE – CAA Life-side Assistance Edition”. You can play every day between now and November 18th. Every completed game play becomes an entry for the grand prize. There are daily prizes being awarded, along with coupons and discounts!


The grand prize is your choice of a Florida Family Fun vacation, a Peru Panorama or Cruising the Danube.


Rules are that this campaign/game/contest is only open to South Central Ontario Residents; here is a map to locate the area http://www.caasco.com/About-Us/Contact-Us/Locations.aspx