Why Don’t You Have a #TargetREDcard?

I asked this question to my friends, family, tweeps, blogger buds and almost anyone I have been speaking to over the last couple of weeks. The reason that I was asking everyone about the Target REDcard is that until recently even I  didn’t have one.


I like to think of myself as a smart shopper. I love to get a deal or discount on almost everything I can. Since I am this way I didn’t understand why I hadn’t made the move to get a card. I have given up savings of 5% on almost every shopping trip that I have taken since the first Target Store opened in March 2013.  I attended the opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for the last 18 months Target Canada would have given me 5% savings on almost every purchase I made. And yes savings on each visit. That’s 18 months of savings I have been missing out on, crazy!

The savings happen EVERY time you use your Target Debit/Credit Card. It happens that same day. No waiting for savings. You see the savings immediately, each and every time you shop at Target!

5% Savings on almost all Purchases over the last 18 months – DO THE MATH

If you shop at Target once a week that equals 52 shopping trips per year. That’s savings on each trip. Don’t make my mistake of waiting 18 months to get a REDCard, oh the savings I missed out on. You don’t have to miss out you can start saving now, the only decision you have to make is which of their two REDCards you should get.

Look at your average Target receipt and then calculate 5%,


Get a #TargetREDcard before November 10th and you will receive an additional 5% Coupon

If you don’t have a Target REDcard, now Target has given you  some extra incentive to get a card ASAP!


We want to educate Canadian’s on the benefits of a REDcard. Our American friends are already aware of the benefits so we thought, as Target Fans on both sides of the border we would do our part! #TargetREDcard

Did you know that Target has two payment options that will take 5% off your bill every time you shop. Yes everytime you shop. It is an immediate savyings.

REDcard Debit Option

The first option is debit card option that will debit your existing  personal chequing account. This card can only be used in a Target store.


REDcard Credit Option

The second is their Credit card option, which is the r you can use the Target RBC MasterCard, a MasterCard with no annual fee. You get you 5% off every Target purchase, as long as you’re using the Target MasterCard as your form of payment. It also provides .5% cash rewards on all purchases (outside of Target) as well as purchase security and extended warranty insurance.


If you sign up for either the debit card or credit card  before before November 10, 2014, you will get a a one-time coupon for an extra 5% off any purchase. ( so it is  5% + 5% = 10%)

Open up a new REDcard before November 10, 2014 and you get an extra 5% off coupon with your card to use on a shopping trip at a Target Store. Be on your way to maximum savings and rewards with a Target REDCard!