With the launch of  #BrightWayForward campaign in 2015, Tangerine moved beyond the financial world to look for ways to help Canadians across all aspects of life. One of their main priorities was investing in youth across the country to create brighter futures.Teaming up with Canadian basketball legend and 7-time NBA All-Star  Steve Nash for the launch, #BrightWayForward was created in the belief that building up confident, optimistic individuals who take positive action in their lives will help form the backbone of strong communities. Tangerine will support programs that inspire self-esteem, teamwork and leadership and encourage a sense of belonging and acceptance – essential ingredients to creating a bright way forward today and tomorrow.

Community Gym Calgary Alberta on June 4, 2016.

Three-pointers, point guards and power forwards are needed for a win on the basketball court, but a winning team is difficult to come by if they’re missing the necessary ingredients of leadership, teamwork and confidence. Tangerine is looking to bring this winning combination to Canadian youth through their Community Gym initiative, which was officially launched in Vancouver on March 29, 2015.

The Community Gym program is an extension of the #BrightWayForward philosophy, and is working to inspire and build confidence in  participants between the ages of 9 and 13. In 2016, the Community Gym program is taking place in four Canadian cities, Vancouver,  CalgaryToronto and Montreal, giving kids a chance to shoot some hoops while learning the importance of self-confidence, inclusion, teamwork, leadership and respect for others

Tangerine Community Gym: Vancouver, BC

Here are some photos of the Community Gym in Vancouver held May 15, 2016.



Happy Participants

happy family brightwayforward


Basketball Drills


Team Work!


Unity Charity teaching beatboxing!



Learning about empowerment and creating beautiful art!


great artwork


Cait Flanders and Preet Banerjee on hand for Parents


Team Photo!