We are entering an era where tablet computers are going to become the option of most mainstream users.  Until now, tablets have been a great mobile device for browsing the web, playing games and a number of productivity functions thanks to intuitively designed APPs.  Consumers have used their tablets to organize contact information and
calendar schedules and other portable data and multimedia viewing.

In 2011 consumer demand for tablets exploded with more than 66 million units sold worldwide.   It was an unprecedented surge for products that exceeded the number of tablets sold in 2010 (18 million units) or an increase of 260%.  Why carry a laptop,
fan and other peripheral equipment which you could fold up a slender, portable and light tablet easily into your purse?

Women love the tablet design because it literally lightens the load, while keeping important functionality close at hand.

A new trend also feeding the demand for tablets is mobile shopping.  Online
shopping remains popular but new data suggests that consumers are highly likely
to look for deals or incentives on their tablet in transit, and then explore in-store incentives.  This is the first time in the history of ecommerce where online shopping has fed in-store traffic and demand.  It’s a trend that has retailers and digital marketers scrambling to create mobile friendly (tablet and Smartphone) interactivity and promotions on their sites.

Where tablets have lagged in adoption has been in the area of mobile office features.
All tablets have incorporated portable keyboards that could be used either wirelessly or via USB.   However any user that requires a strong word processing platform has not been able to migrate to a tablet as they were not built to be writing intensive.   From the inception of the tablet the idea was that if you needed to write a lot, you would simply use your laptop.  But in 2012 all that started to change with intuitive new designs hitting the market that addressed the issue for mobile workers.

We love the new stylish new tablet introduced by Microsoft which feels like an evolution of design built for students, professionals and business people.

The tablet has a built in “kick stand” that allows it to be propped up on a flat surface and weighs less than 1.5 pounds.   Simply connect the keyboard and you are ready to go, and you can choose either a hard (but thin and lightweight) keyboard or the flexible design option depending on personal preference.  Express yourself with a variety of different colour choices available on the flexible keyboard.

What has really got everyone excited about Microsoft’s Surface is of course, the software.
A tablet that can use Microsoft Office?  For mobile workers, telecommuters and students this is an incredible advantage and virtually eliminates the need to have both a tablet (for
entertainment) and a laptop for work.  Why choose the functionality of a laptop or the convenience and portability of a tablet when you can finally have both?   You’ll never have to be concerned about packing a laptop cooler again either.

The intuitive design of Microsoft’s Surface allows the unit to cool on its own for worry free use. With incredible APPs (also available on the new Windows Phone) which can integrate
your mobile devices with your Xbox Live, watch for the Microsoft Surface to make a big splash with both families and professionals 2013.

We think women bloggers (who often write remotely or capture content or multimedia on-the-fly) are going to love this tablet.  So tell us what you think!  Could you see the  Microsoft Surface integrating into your household?  Please share your comments.