A garden makes a house a home!

Summer time is in full force and along with summer there are plenty of people out in their yards watering, landscaping and creating beautiful gardens. Like each and every year I watch as neighbors and city gardens liven up with rich colors and heavenly smells and I feel something.

Severe envy.

Envy of their dedication. Envy of their expertise. Envy of their space, and basically everything they have managed to create for themselves. It is a burden to say the least, especially when I am not the most “seasoned” gardener.  I do have a lot of help from friends an family – my own personal gardeners. I have also taken the credit of course!  This year I wanted to tackle it on my own. I needed a miracle… So I googled up a storm on how to create some nice little planters and took tons of little notes on what kinds of things I wanted and what they suggested I needed. I then watched my gardening space intently for a few days to really get a good idea of what kind of sunlight I had to work with, after all I want a garden that would live for longer than a week. I took my list and skipped my way to the store to gather up all the things that I needed:

– Potting soil
– Miracle grow (hopefully my miracle)
– Plants
– Cute gloves
– Watering can
– Spade

I headed home all excited with some gorgeous pink flowers I knew would look great out in the sunlight and sped home faster than I probably should have. I was about to create my own little living garden others could oogle at in envy and I was thrilled!


With a nice cool drink on hand and all my supplies I put together my first little planter for my garden making sure to follow my google and Miracle Grow instructions to the T!


In the end my first attempt at flowers was a complete success and I am far too pleased with myself because of it.

So what do you think? Not bad? Do you garden?