I’ve always loved meat. Carnivore, meatatarian, call it what you will but there’s nothing that makes me happier than sitting down for a dinner of ribs, chicken, or maybe even a pork loin. It’s in my family: even though my sister is a vegetarian (I will never understand why!), my father and I grew up bonding over delicious roasts at the dinner table. But, of all types of meats that make their way onto my plate, I love nothing more than a big juicy, steak.

Especially growing up in Canada, we have easy access to some of the freshest beef in the world, all raised by local farmers in our backyard.

I’m not picky with my steak either: I love all types of preparations and cuts! Maybe a big steak medallion with blue cheese, or a smoked ribeye? I’m drooling already. But steak has always been a special occasion treat! We celebrated my last birthday with steak. We celebrated my sister’s engagement with steak!

But that’s all about to change! Recently, Montana’s launched their new #SteakEveryDay campaign. With their new cut and price point, you don’t have to save steak for a special occasion! You can enjoy steak anytime you darn well please! With that in mind, I put together a list of accomplishments I’ve achieved this week that earn me a steak!

hand carved 7 oz steak twitter

Top Ten  Reasons I Should Eat Steak Every Day

  1. I put on pants
  2. I watered my plants
  3. I combed my hair
  4. I only hit snooze once
  5. I didn’t fall asleep at work
  6. I tried making lunch
  7. I unloaded my dishwasher
  8. I called my mother
  9. I had a nap
  10. I sent an email.

Have you done anything this week that deserves a big, juicy steak?

Thanks to Montana’s new #SteakEveryDay meal, made with 100% Canadian Beef, you don’t have to save steak for special occasions. For just $14.99, you can get a hand carved 7-ounce steak – whenever you feel like it. Celebrate the little wins and the big (or even just making it through the day), with a steak. Join me on May 11th to find out more on why YOU deserve a steak every day! Montana’s Chef Jen Hennings will be joining us to answer any questions you have about grilling.


Twitter Party Details

Date: Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET
Host: @lovecdnbeef
Guests: @MontanasBBQ +Montana’s Chef Jen Hennings
Hashtag: #SteakEveryDay

Prizing: $500 in Montana’s Gift cards

 Will you be there? Tweet em at @ShesConnected and let me know just how much you LOVE your steak!