Shave the date!

On February 4th, people across the globe are coming together to show support for a serious cause. On #NoHairSelfie day break out your buzzers and commit to shaving your head to show solidarity to Cancer patients who don’t have the choice to have luscious locks. Can’t commit? The #NoHairSelfie app will give you the appearance of a shaved head without the commitment.

In Canada, the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation launched the first ever digital fundraising campaign to support World Cancer Day on February 4th. This year, people around the world will be shaving (for real or virtually via the app) to raise money and awareness with cancer.

The PMCF is partnering up with the Union for International Cancer Control to expand globally. Thanks to this partnership, the Israel Cancer Association and the Cancer Association of South Africa will be joining the #NoHairSelfie movement as Canada’s country partners.

Why should you hair-ticipate?

Let’s face it – everyone now a days knows someone who has had to face the perils and emotional struggles of cancer. Losing your hair can be traumatizing experience – your hair can be your safety blanket!

Everyone has their own story as to why they bravely go bald. Watch the #NoHairSelfie story and share your own with others!

Join the movement by participating in Thunderclap! This tool allows every participant to share the message to spread awareness for this incredible cause.

This video will help explain how YOU can be a part of this incredible global movement!

If you’re ready to shave your head, click on this link to register in your country! If you’re not quite ready to make such a bold statement, it’s no worries. You can dare a friend or family member to buzz their bob, or make a direct donation. You can even have the shave too by downloading the #NoHairSelfie App.

How are you supporting the #NoHairSelfie day? Let us know in the comments below!