I’m Shaving My Head for Cancer Research #NoHairSelfie

Did you know that in 2012, an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer occurred worldwide? That just blows my mind, it’s time to kick cancer in the butt and I want to do something to bring attention back to those staggering numbers!

That’s why I’m shaving my head virtually and joining the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s #NoHairSelfie movement on February 4, 2015 – World Cancer Day. 

Almost all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer and has most likely lost their hair as part of their cancer treatment. So I thought why not shave our heads whether it be literally or virtually and show our support for the thousands of Canadians going through cancer treatment.

If you’re interested in the virtual option which I suspect many will be (but there are those brave ones who opt for actually shaving their heads too) you can go HERE and join the #NoHairSelfie movement and use the app!

Participating in the #NoHairSelfie is my way of standing alongside those that are fighting cancer so they don’t have to stand alone while raising money for cancer research.

Want to be a part of the movement?

  1. Shave your head too! It’s easy to participate and raise funds whether you actually go for the clean shave, prefer the soft fuzz look with clipper #1 or #2, or do it virtually with the #nohairselfie app. Register today!
  2. Download the app and share your #NoHairSelfie on February 4, 2015- World Cancer Day.

Just by participating in the #NoHairSelfie campaign you can inspire friends and family to show their support and raise funds for cancer research. It’s easy to participate and as we all know anything that supports cancer research is a great cause, it’s important as it’s time we kick cancer’s butt!

So Shave. Share. Donate. Join me in the #NoHairSelfie movement so that together we can conquer cancer in our lifetime.

Feel free to share your #NoHairSelfie  🙂