And some things you may not have thought of but are happy that Toshiba did.

I’m still having fun exploring my new Toshiba.  I’ve already mentioned my love of the keyboard, which is so smooth and quiet, and how light an airy it is, weighing a mere 2.45 pounds, and so slim, it doesn’t take up any room in my computer bag, but I’m learning about the many other life-saving features built into this incredible laptop.

For those of us chained to an endless cup of coffee, the spill resistant keyboard is a valuable feature.  And since we are all of us running around, our laptops must be sturdy.  The Toshiba Portege Z830 has shock absorbing design, specifically to help make it through the often unavoidable bumps along the way (both to us and our laptops!).

But I must say I feel really good using this product – , taking it out while I’m at a client meeting, or updating a file on a break in a coffee shop.  It is designed to not only look good but also to perform well with it’s2nd generation Intel core processor, which allows me to keep 100 windows open and active without a whisper of a hesitation.  And the 8 hour battery life helps me keep working without having to plug in too often.

AND, you can continue to charge your phone or other portable devices while your computer is in sleep or off mode.  That is a real time saver. And so convenient.  You don`t realize what a great feature it is until you have it.  No more looking for outlets to power all my other portable devices.

And, really, it is so thin and light, I sometimes forget that I have it with me.    Isn’t that what great technology should be?  I don’t think I’m unrealistic to want to have something that looks good, works well and is portable.  It fits well into my lifestyle and that of any one who works and needs the best tools they can to make their work life easier.

For anyone looking for a laptop that will deliver everything they need to do their business wherever that business takes them, from the board room to the living room, this is for you!!  Go check one out today.