Now who says Mark’s Work Wearhouse isn’t cool?  Mark’s ReStyle contest has taken social media by the horns and ran with it. They utilized Facebook and Twitter to get the word out and keep interest flowing or should I say tweeting?

When visiting the Mark’s Work Wearhouse Facebook fan page, the first thing you saw was the ReStyle Contest; very clean, easy to read  with four call-to-actions: Restyle Me, Or Turn in a Friend, Watch the Video and Now Take Your ReStyle to go with our Phone App.

After you have “liked” the fan page you are than prompted to sign-up for the ReStyle contest where you are asked to “In 100 characters briefly describe why you need a restyle”.

Once completed, you are taken to the next page where you are asked to write an eye catching bio – meant to get the judges’ attention and the votes coming, followed by a third page where you pick your style – viola your profile is created, below is mine.

Since I am sure I was one of the last people to enter the contest, I am sure I didn’t make the top contenders list, meaning I won’t have the opportunity to win one of two grand prizes.

Here’s How You Can Win Your reStyle!
1. reStyle a Friend.
Tell us about a friend that needs a reStyle and you could help them win their new look, plus other great reStyle prizes and you’ll earn extra points.
2. Make the Top 20.
Earn enough points through likes and challenges and you’ll make the reStyle Top 20. Be part of this elite group and win a $100 Mark’s reStyle gift card.
3. Be a finalist.

One of the things, I found interesting about this particular contest, was the weekly challenges, chances to gain points to help you in your ranking. Here’s an example of one such challenge.

All in all, I have to say this was a well thought out and interesting campaign. I can’t wait to read the case study and see the results.

Contest ran from April 15th, 2011 to June 15th, 2011