Once again Cottenelle, along with some other great folks, is hosting another #LetsTalkBums twitter party!  This is bound to be another evening of hilarity much like the last one was, so I hear.

Everyone will be over sharing with their stories of how Cottonelle Cleansing Cloth On the Go Pack could have saved the day for them.  A great way to end summer with some great stories of awkward potty breaks and maybe even some great on the go beauty tips for Cottonelle Cleansing Cloth On the Go Pack.

The #LetsTalkBums twitter party is bound to entertain and will be filled with some great prizes that, of course, include the Cottonelle Cleansing Cloth On the Go Packs.  This way the lucky winners will be walking away fully prepared for whatever life throws at them and for any of natures calls.

Party Details:
Date: Wednesday, August 27th
Time: 9 pm EST
Hashtag: #LetsTalkBums
Host: @mychaos
Moderators: @simplystacienet, @EchoesofLaughte, @momvstheboys
Sponsor: @Cottonelle
Eligibility: Open to Canada
Official Rules: 


#LetsTalkBums Twitter Party

Travelling with the family can be a really stressful time and trying to stay prepared for everything can be so hard.  Ensuring that you have some of these wipes with you on the go will make sure you are at least clean for whatever might happen!  There are so many times where these have saved me when I was in a pinch.

  1. 4o hour bus trip to Arizona and these were my face washing saviors, especially when you don’t have the option of running water at all times.  It was a tough trip but these guys kept me fresh faced and happy!
  2. My youngest child gets motion sickness and there have been times were I have not had these wipes and times where I have.  I can honestly say having them made the clean up just that much more painless while on the go!
  3. Camping!  I can’t tell you enough times that these have come in handy for camping.  All bathroom breaks while on the road, back up clean up for outhouses with no tissue, the list goes on.

These are not something to leave the house without and the to go packs can easily sit in your purse quietly waiting to save the day!   Make sure to join in all the fun at the twitter party Aug 17th at 9pm EST: RSVP to ensure you are eligible to win!