Canadians are being challenged this week by Sobeys to host or join a potluck this week, leading up to Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day on May 16th, 2014.


Jaime Oliver has teamed up with Sobeys to enhance Canadians food knowledge, cooking skills and teach about nutrition and quality ingredients. The week’s events lead up to awareness of the importance of good food and the impact of that on your life.

Food Revolution Day is a campaign initiated by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, aimed at raising  of educating people about food and how to cook it. Since 2012, 74 countries have taken part, with 900 ambassadors worldwide championing the same cause. To see Jaime’s video on this special event VISIT 

Canada has been “one of the most active countries for the last two years in getting involved in Food Revolution Day,” said Oliver during a recent telephone interview in which he spoke about getting people to re-think the way they eat and how they prepare their meals. “It’s common sense when you think about it — healthy eating isn’t based on price or degree of difficulty. It’s all about getting over your fear of trying your hand at making a healthy meal as opposed to buying something that’s fast and not good for you.”

About Food Revolution Day

Canadians from coast to coast are invited to cook and share a meal together with family and friends. When participants share a post or photo of their potluck on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #PotluckChallenge and #FRD2014, Sobeys will donate $1 to the Children’s Aid Foundation’s Cooking Toward Independence Project, up to a maximum of $25,000.

The Cooking Toward Independence project is a new initiative run by the Children’s Aid Foundation to improve the lives of young people leaving the child welfare system across Canada when they turn 18 by funding cooking skills workshops and creating access to healthy food.

According to the World Health Organization, food poverty, or a diet reliant on fast food or prepared meals high in saturated fat, sugar and salt, is now responsible for 30 per cent of life years lost through early death and disability. In the U.S., the fastest-growing urban issue in nine major cities is ‘food deserts’, in which “it takes 40 minutes on the bus to get to a fresh-food market,” Oliver says, but just minutes to walk to a burger joint. In Canada, Sobeys-funded research found that Canadians are no longer confident in the kitchen, with just 18 per cent having one meal a day made from scratch.


Get your family, friends and neighbors excited about this very important cause. Remember the date is May 16th, 2014. Please share a post or photo of your potluck on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #PotluckChallenge and #FRD2014. Sothbys will donate $1.00 per Tweet or Instagram! 

Join this global day of action. Get cooking, share your love of food and inspire others to get excited too. For more information please visit the website for Food Revolution Day. We can’t wait to see how creative our fellow Canadians will be.