We wanted you to get to know our brand ambassadors better so we asked each of them to fill out a questionnaire. Today we introduce you to Gingermommy, from Tales of a Ranting Ginger.


1.    Tell us about you YOU! Your family, where you live, etc.Ontario mom to four (toddlers and teens), married and living in Ontario. Dog owner and Macaw rescuer.


2.  How long have you been blogging?  When and Why did you start? Not quite 2 years, started January 2011


3. What role does blogging play in your life; fun, extra income, main source of income, journaling, etc? Its my 9-5 and a source of income


4.   What role has social media played in your life? Social media has allowed me to reach people I would not have from anywhere else.. I have been in touch with amazing people, brands and celebrities. Social media has opened many doors for me and my blog.


5.   Tell us about your “Brand”.I enjoy posting about redheaded stereo types, Canadian family life and more


6.    How many SCCTO have you attend? Was the conference what you expected it to be? Why? I attended once , it was the second year. It was overwhelming as it was my first big event as a blogger, but the benefits from it have been great. This year, I know what to expect and am looking forward to it. I hope to have more time to connect with other bloggers and network with brands


7.     What was your favourite part of the conference? What was your favourite booth and why? I loved the networking with the brands. It gave me the opportunity to meet knew reps but also see reps I have worked with or talked to before, face to face. I hope this year they do product coupons instead of product though as it is a lot to carry home 🙂


8.   What was your most memorable moment from SCCTO? No hands parking with Ford and seeing my online friends


9.   Did you continue your relationship on social media with other attendees? Brands? Yes, I have worked with most of them a few times. They have been great to work with. SCCTO has shown them how to treat bloggers fairly.


10.   Why are you proud to be this year’s SCCTO Brand Ambassador? What are you looking forward to this year? I am proud as i have started mentoring some bloggers. I think being an ambassador is an extension of this. It is fantastic for Canadian bloggers to have the support.


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