If you haven’t realized already, I have met a lot of amazing people and companies through twitter.

A few years ago, I met @KidsGummyMum who introduced me to IronKids Gummies that are amazing vitamins that my kids beg for everyday. I, like many moms on twitter, will admit to sneaking a few of my kids vitamins. They are so yummy!!

When Life Essentials created Adult Essentials, twitter moms everywhere rejoiced!! Gummy vitamins for us!! Yes, dads can take them too.

I’ve been taking Adult Essentials for a while now; well before becoming a Brand Ambassador for them. Being a part of the Adult Essentials Brand Ambassador program with ShesConnected is a perfect fit: I love the product and they want me to talk about it!

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing with you about Adult Essentials and staying healthy!

Where to get Adult Essentials??

If you’d like to start taking them as well, I figured I should let you know where to get them!

Before this campaign, I’ve been ordering my vitamins online. But I wanted to see where I could find them in stores. I went to my local Rexal PharmaPlus.

I found the vitamins aisle. And looked and looked.

Unfortunately the way this location has their shelves organized, the boxes just fit and name is almost hidden under the shelf above it.

I also found the IronKids Gummies!

This location is pretty close to me and might just become a regular stop for me!

Adult Essentials is connected!
You can connect with and find out more about Adult Essentials on:

Their website — http://www.adultgummies.com

As a Brand Ambassador, I got a full selection of their amazing vitamins and information to share with my friends and family!

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Adult Essentials Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of vitamins and compensation in exchange for my participation in the campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.