Life is busy. Sometimes it can be hectic to keep up with our busy lives. Traffic jams, flat tires, subway issues, bad weather, and looking for misplaced keys. It can be so tough to get anywhere on time!

Our entire family is glued to our devices –  when do we ever take a moment to put our phones down and enjoy the wonderful company of our family?

When I was growing up, we had dinner as a family almost every night. No mobile phones, no distractions! We didn’t even answer our home phone during dinner. Dinner time was family time to catch up and hear about all the exciting things that happened during the day.

Take a break from your phone! Spend more time with family.

It’s Time to Gather for a Family Meal

Gathering for a family meal is an occasion both common in society and is a wonderful time for sharing daily celebrations! The folks at Canada Beef wanted to remind families of the connections and memories that can be created over a delicious meal and invite Canadians back to the dinner table. Canadian beef makes delicious meals that unites the busiest families to the table. Families just like yours and mine! When was the last time you enjoyed an uninterrupted dinner with your loved ones? No cell phones, no devices, no phones ringing? Why not schedule a dinner this week?

What will you serve? I’m thinking Steak Tacos – my family will love them!

Here’s are some mouth-watering ideas for all-beef recipes you can make for your family!

Look at the photos below! Happy families like Rob Meijers, enjoying dinner with his wife and two daughters.

The First Family of Beef: The Meijers


Aneesha with Nico
Aneesha Birk, Resident Millennial at Canada Beef with Nico

About Canadian Beef!

Their new tagline is “We put the best of Canada into our beef”. Watch this great video featuring Canada’s most awarded country music superstar Paul Brandt and you will see what they mean!

Why Canadian Beef?

  • “By choosing Canadian beef, you are supporting your rural neighbours and Canada‘s economy.
  • There are beef farmers and ranchers in every province in Canada,striving to bring good food to your table and working to be good stewards of the land and animals in their care.
  • “Canadian beef is produced according to world class standards for quality and safety.
  • Canadian beef is well marbled, flavourful and tender. Packed with essential nutrients, Canadian beef is a powerful protein and anchor to healthy eating with a taste that people crave.

Need Inspiration?

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