brotherAs a family of six living in a fairly small home, I find having an organized home is a necessity. Some of you may think it depends on your personality, some people like to have things very organized while others do not mind as much. After many years of being the type of person who was not organized, I can attest that there are definite benefits to getting your life organized. Now that I am a believer in organization I can see how much time and money being unorganized wastes. Take for example your pantry; without organization you do not know what you do or do not have in there. You buy items you thought you were out of only to find them shoved in behind something else. You throw items away because they have gone bad because you forgot they were there. Lack of organization costs you money. Consider all of the other areas of your home that are unorganized as well. How much time do you waste looking for items that are not kept in a certain spot or trying to remember where you put them the last time they were used. Lack of organization also costs you valuable time that you could be using for something else. The holidays is a crazy time of year anyways and if you can get organized around your home it will make this time of year run much smoother and be more enjoyable.  The key to getting organized is having a place for everything in your home and knowing where that is.

This is where the Brother P-Touch PT-D200 comes in. A simple labelling machine can help get your organized and therefore simplify your life. There are several features of the PT-D200 that make it a great label machine. It is very lightweight and portable and needs no computer to operate. It can run on batteries or using the cord. It can make a variety of different labels including standard laminated labels, fabric iron-on labels, super-narrow non-laminated labels, and labels with extra-strength adhesive. You also can get creative with your labels. Create decorative labels using any combination of  8 fonts, 95 frames, 600 symbols, 12 Deco Mode patterns, plus 6 name badge designs. Once you start having fun labelling everything in your home and find some label designs you enjoy, you can save up to 30 different designs in the memory of the PT-D200. Think of all the fun things you can organize. Label all of the containers in your pantry, craft supplies, office supplies, files, storage boxes, toy bins and more! As a homeschooling and work-from-home Mom, I know I need every second of my day and having the whole house organized gives me that.