I didn’t want to believe it when I heard it on the news last night. It’s going to snow in Toronto! I woke up this morning – and there it was!

Step 1: Get out my winter coat and boots

I was meaning to dry clean my winter coat but didn’t get a chance to. I will take my wool coat to the dry cleaner for a nice refresh. I will also check to see the that ‘I don’t have holes in my pockets. I will mend those myself. I will also make sure that I find my gloves. I pray that I find matching gloves. I am like a kid that way . -I always lose them. I will get my mom to crochet my gloves together so I can put them in my coat. Lastly my winter boots – need to make sure that I clean them, and water-proof the leather again.



Step 2: Install snow tires

Some insurance companies offer up to a 5% discount for having snow tires but I think it is more about safety. If you live in Canada- I believe you need snow tires. It is an added expense I realize, but who wants to get stuck in the snow or lose their ability to stop easily? Without snow tires you can probably avoid accidents as well. So I need to call my neighbourhood Canadian Tire (aka Canada’s Garage) and schedule an appointment to install my winter tires. I will also schedule an winter tune up to make sure that my car is ready for another Canadian winter.