Sunday dinner. It is always a treat to order dinner in! We love Swiss Chalet. The classic Quarter Chicken Dinner is a favourite in our household. We just found out that Swiss Chalet has 3 new sauces! These new sauces have been around for a while, but we have not tried them yet! The three new sauces are Stampede BBQ, Buffalo Butter and Nashville Hot! Which would you choose? Well we decided on the Nashville Hot! Not all of us wanted to try the new sauces because the Swiss Chalet quarter chicken dinner is perfect just the way it is – right! We also were one of the first to order the Canadian Beef dishes Swiss Chalet added to their menu as well.



We ordered the Fire it up Special:

  • Quarter chicken dark meat with Nashville hot sauce.
  • Fries (of course)
  • Mini cinnamon sugar donuts


About Swiss Chalet


You may not know just how special the chicken you order is! For a start, their rotisserie ovens only accept fresh (never frozen), grain-fed, Canadian Grade A chickens. With a touch of secret seasoning and a 90 minute self-basting cooking process, your simple chicken dinner, is rather fancy after all.


They start marinating their ribs over 24 hours, but only after they dry-rubbed them with their signature smoky mesquite spice. After that, they slow-cook them for 2 ½ hours more, brushing each rib tender with their unique Smoky BBQ sauce.


They treat humble potatoes like royalty. After all, who scrubs, peels, soaks, blanches and then gives their potatoes a rest before they’re freshly cooked to order? Not many! Hey, it might seem a little over the top, but when it comes to taste, some traditions are worth the hassle.

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Have you tried the Swiss Chalet Fire it up Special? If so tell us what you thought!