The holidays are quickly coming upon us; shopping trips and travelling to visit friends and relatives is on the horizon.  More drivers on the road in winter conditions add to the increased chance of collisions.  Take the extra steps this winter to protect yourself and your family by driving safely this holiday season with CAA.


  • Before you head out on the road, make sure you leave yourself enough time for road conditions but avoid driving in hazardous conditions; try checking local or highway road condition hotlines to prepare ahead.  Do not keep your fuel tank on low or empty in the event boosting your battery may be required and deplete your tank.  Consider a block heater to help your vehicle heat up quicker in cold conditions, saving you fuel, time and energy. Always clear your exhaust pipe and keep windows clear of snow and ice to allow for full visibility and functionality.
  • While driving, consider taking your time when you first start out to gage how quickly you will be able to take a turn or stop.  Keep a distance from the vehicle in front of you to avoid and be a defensive driver to avoid unnecessary collisions.

For more winter driving safety tips, read what CAASCO has to say and their recommendations on maintenance, winter driving prep and a winter car safety kit to keep handy in your vehicle.

Christmas is packed with gifts, food and family but it isn’t always easy to find to perfect gift for every family member.  CAA makes it easy with their CAA Gift Membership where you can offer the safety, security and protection of your loved ones travelling this holiday season and into the new year from Canada’s best roadside assistance. Purchase the gift of love from CAA for only $67 and for a limited time receive TWO free trunk organizers as additional gifts.


New for this holiday season, CAA is offering Festive Packs to make gift giving easy in 2 or 4 ticket packs, valued at over $120 for less than $32.  Both include Cineplex tickets and food vouchers, fuel card, CAA membership and travel discounts and more, the perfect stocking stuffer.


No matter where you go this holiday season from shopping to travel, CAA is there to help you plan, protect and keep your family secure.