Canadians Want to Be Homeowners Now More Than Ever

Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) released its latest in a series of housing market reports that examine how COVID-19 is affecting consumer sentiments towards housing and mortgages. The data further confirms Canadians’ confidence in the security of homeownership, especially as COVID-19 and the lack of a clear COVID vaccine timetable further entrenches life at home and […]

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Affordability and space limitations continue to impact purchase decisions as only 14% of Canadians polled would consider buying a home in a major metropolitan area

Canadians’ belief in the strength of the real estate market held steady in December, despite concerns around the overall economy, according to the RBC Home Buying Sentiment Poll. High home values also continued to drive potential homebuyers outside of major metropolitan areas in search of affordability and larger properties. The poll, which provides updates on […]

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Loving the new CANVAS Elena Bathroom Collection

We are thinking about bathroom renovations. Actually bathroom renovations have been on the “to-do” list forever. It has been years – still no bathroom renovation. We keep putting it off –  who likes to do renovations anyway? Maybe we will do a mini reno – just swap out the vanity and toilet, and add a […]

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