Canadian Beef

Making the Cut – A Steak for All Occasions

Oh summer, glorious summer.  You were good to us this year.  So many opportunities for gorgeous backyard barbeques with family and friends.  So many delicious meals cooked on the grill.  Hamburgers, seafood, ribs, grilled veggies from the garden and of course, steak.  I love all sorts of things done on the barbeque but if I […]

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Grilling vs Simmering – How to choose your Beef!

By: Andrea Buckett Canadians love their beef! In fact, it is estimated that on average, we each consume 46lbs of it annually! It’s popularity is due to the versatility that it offers to our everyday meals, not to mention its outstanding flavour. While spring and summer are popular seasons for outdoor grilling, fall and winter lends itself […]

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Have Your Steak And Eat It Too: Marinating Steak Recipe #CDNBeef

By: Amy Dell image credit Grilling Vs Marinating Vs Simmering Steaks. We are a meat eating family and I love to support Canadian products.  The Canadian Beef Association has a wealth of information available to help you choose cuts of meat for every occasion. They also have recipes, nutritional information, and tips on cooking each […]

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Getting your (beef steak) facts straight

by Mardi image:   You might think that a steak is a steak is a steak, right? WRONG!  Did you know that steaks fall into three distinct categories? Grilling Steaks, Marinating Steaks and Simmering Steaks.   Really? I hear you ask. And why might that be? Well, steaks fall into these three categories because of […]

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