Ninety-five percent of Canadians are proud of their country; three in five Americans say they have considered a move to Canada

As the country celebrates Canada Day on July 1, a new international Kelton Global survey* commissioned by Canada Goose shows that Canadians are beaming with pride, while Americans admire their Northern neighbour for the country’s many attributes. Founded in Toronto in 1957, Canada Goose proudly exports the brand of Canada around the world. In celebration […]

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Facts we learned from @Canada Twitter Handle on Canada Day

Our country is 149 years old. We were watching twitter for the best posts. We were so impressed with all the information coming from the Government of Canada Twitter handle we thought it warranted a blog post. We hope you agree!  We have included some infographics that include some great stats and facts about Canada. […]

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What’s your story, Canada?

CBC/Radio-Canada is putting the national public broadcaster at the heart of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations, helping inspire our nation to define itself for the next century. “2017 will be an important milestone in the history of our country: a time for Canadians to connect and to share stories about who we are and where we […]

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