So how clean is your car? Is it as messy as mine?  I take care of the exterior of my car. I take it in for regular car washes.  I always have ample windshield washer fluid in the car to make sure that my windshield stays clean so that I do not have any visibility issues when I am driving. I also keep an extra jug of windshield washer fluid in the trunk of my car at all times.  Same goes for my windshield wiper blades. I have a set for winter and a set for the other three seasons. They also get replaced anytime I notice any wear or tear.  I also have the best snow removal brushes so that I can clear my car quickly and so that I am a safe driver. I even keep an extra for those times I have a passenger with me so we can wipe off the snow together.

When it comes to the interior of my car- well  I have to admit that I am “one of those girls”. You know, the girl with the messy car interior. You know the girl who apologizes everytime someone comes into my car!

What kind of messy girl am I?

I am the girl who is always in a rush. If I am hungry, I hit a drive through and the Big Mac box, french fry box and used ketchup wrappers will end up on the passenger seat or the floor of my back seat. The same goes for bags of chips, candy, water bottles, paper coffee cups. If I go shopping while I am hungry, I will usually eat someone on the drive back home, and then I will chuck it in the back. Now the issue is that I don’t put it in the garbage when I get to my destination. I am usually running to a meeting so I don’t want to bring in my garbage to my meeting so it will remain where I last left it.  By the time I get home, I usually have too much to carry so it will remain in my car.

French Fry Fingers

Well, when you eat and drive, you tend to get some of the food on the seats, steering wheel and even on the dashboard. Same goes for the instrument panel. My greasy french fry fingers may leave their mark. A few fries might make it onto the floor – though not too often. I cherish my fries! Now if I start the car and the windshield starts to fog up, well those french fry or chip fingers will be used to clear away the moisture. I have also picked up a used napkin as well. So the interior of my windshield is also a mess!


Canadian Tire to the Rescue!

Well our friends at Canadian Tire decided to help us out with our messy car interior problems. I would often joke around about my messy car and they must have remembered!

Problem #1:  Crumbs on floor, stain on carpet floor

Solution #1

Simoniz Car Vacuum


Simoniz Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner


Problem #2:  French Fry Fingers on Dashboard and Instrument Panel

Solution #2

Armour All Wash Wipes

armourall wipes

Simoniz All-Purpose Cleaner


Simoniz Grab-a-Rag, 40-pk


Problem 3: French Fry Hand wipe on the windshield

Solution #3

My favourite item is the Simoniz squeegee-like tool. And it fits neatly in my side door panel.   My inner windshield is now sooooo clean. What a difference!


So how clean is your car? Let us know and please be honest!