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Having a big family we do not travel as much as I would like to. But when we do I look for every possible way to save money, get the most out of the experience and more. No matter if it is a day trip to Toronto or a family trip to Disney.  Saving money, being safe and having fun are the things we take into consideration.  Just recently I became aware of all of the travel tips, tricks and saving CAA has to offer. I figured since I just learnt about this, that many of you may not know too. So hopefully this post will help you all save a bit and get the most out of your vacation dollars.


Did you know CAA can book your vacation for you?fcaa n Online you can choose your destination, book your flight, hotel and more. You can even get travel insurance. The last thing I want on my vacation is to worry about a hefty hospital bill if somebody gets hurt or ill. CAA members save 5%  on medical insurance as well.


Destination information- While looking into vacation I am planning I noticed there was  a page full of destination information. Info I was able to find was:


  • Travel reports and warnings (Before you leave the country, get travel information and alerts on global destinations.)
  • Cash alternatives (CAA offers a wide variety of cash alternatives for your vacation that can be replaced if lost or stolen.)
  • Travel insurance
  • International drivers permits (International Driver’s Permits allow travellers to drive in more than 150 different countries)
  • Travel assistance and documentation check list


Resources like tour info and maps are extremely handy as well. If you want to book a car rental you can do it through CAA as well.  I was also able to find preferred seating for CAA members and discount attraction tickets.

Hanging out local? No worries. CAA has you covered too. Here are some of the discounts I found. These must be ordered online or from a CAA Store, to avoid disappointment.

Cineplex Theatres
Wherever you are, CAA Members get exclusive discounts!

Canada’s Wonderland
CAA Members receive up to 15% off when purchasing adult and children’s tickets.

Ontario Science Centre

CAA Members save up to 10% off the regular price!

Universal Orlando

CAA Members receive exclusive discounts when purchasing tickets to Universal Orlando® Resort.

Kennedy Space Center

The sky isn’t the limit – it’s just the beginning.


There was a huge list of featured USA and Canadian attractions as well as a list of CityPasses. I highly recommend checking it out before you book your next trip. See here for more info


I am glad to know that through CAA I can map out my next trip, buy my tickets, book my hotel and save while doing it all. And if I break down, they have me covered. Suddenly driving to Florida with three kids does not seem so scary.