Walmart Canada is introducing new commitments to pollinator health as it continues its mission to be a regenerative company.

The new commitments to pollinators are a step in protecting the food supply and improving biodiversity. Wild pollinators are currently declining in abundance and diversity in regions including North America. A substantial decline in pollinator populations may threaten food production, making regeneration efforts in this area even more important. This announcement follows a similar commitment made by Walmart U.S. in April 2021.

Walmart Canada introduces new pollinator health commitments
Walmart Canada introduces new pollinator health commitments

Walmart Canada’s new commitments are some of the most detailed efforts known by a major retailer in Canada and aim to reduce several pollinator threats and improve their habitats.

The commitments include:

Integrated Pest Management Practices: 100% of fresh produce and floral sold in-store in the produce department will be sourced from suppliers that adopt Integrated Pest Management Practices by 2025. These practices will be verified by a third party. Fresh produce suppliers will also be encouraged to phase out the use of certain pesticides.

Improving and Expanding Pollinator Habitats: Fresh produce suppliers will be encouraged to protect, restore or establish pollinator habitats on at least 3% of land they own, operate or invest in by 2025.

Pollinator Gardens: Walmart will incorporate habitats on Walmart Canada real estate, with ten pollinator gardens planned onsite at Walmart locations by the end of 2021.

“Protecting pollinator health and establishing pollinator habitats is the latest step in our commitment to being a regenerative company,” said Pietro John Rollo, Vice President Fresh & Walmart Brands, Walmart Canada. “Walmart customers can feel confident that they’re supporting pollinators – and the 75% of major crops globally that are dependent on them – when they shop with us.”

To help educate customers in creating their own at-home pollinator-friendly garden, millions of plants for sale in Walmart stores already carry tags to help customers identify plants that attract pollinators. Walmart Canada avoids selling invasive plant species, based on recognized regional lists.

Supporting pollinator health is the latest step in Walmart’s global mission to being a regenerative company, including a commitment to help protect, manage or restore at least 50 million acres of land and one million square miles of ocean by 2030.