What’s the Angriest Whopper All About?

Attention BURGER KING®  Canada fans! The Angriest WHOPPER®   sandwich is here and, apparently, it’s the angriest & spiciest burger to hit the town! It’s made with a fiery baked red bun and drizzled with a very spicy hot sauce. With every bite you take, it packs a fiery spicy punch with the tangy hot sauce along with crispy spicy onion petals, and mouth-watering jalapenos atop a flame-grilled beef patty and layered with crispy bacon. Sheesh, I’m getting red in the face just thinking about it.

The Angriest Whopper is also topped with melted cheese, fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and creamy mayonnaise. Just by the sounds of it, this is probably is the angriest burger that will ever surface the earth! Want to know more about the Angriest Whopper, check out the Burger King commercial:

Take a Walk on the Hottest, Angriest Side with Burger King

So folks, you’ve been forewarned. The Angriest Whopper is only for those who dare to take a walk on the hottest wild side. It’s so flaming hot, you’ll need to a pale of water by your side to get through it. Remember if you’re a rookie at eating spicy foods, this might not be burger for you (unless you’ve been dared to try it).

Angriest Whopper at Burger King
Angriest Whopper at Burger King. For a limited time only!

The Angriest WHOPPER® sandwich is available at participating Burger King Canada restaurants starting April 4th for a limited time only. So get your hot on!