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It is August! The summer has flown by too quickly – as it always does! We enjoyed the lazy days of July enjoying our summer vacation by the beach. Now August stresses us out a bit because we have to think about back-to-school spending. Depending on how many kids you have and the ages of your kids, your back-to-school budget can vary but either way, it means that you will need to spend money.

When do you start the back-to-school shopping?

We like to start early. I don’t like to pay full price for anything which means you need to start looking early. You are more likely to pay full price for last minute purchases- unless you get very lucky.  Did you use Amazon Prime Day for any of your back-to-school shopping? I think almost all major brands and retailers used Amazon Prime Day as a key time to get you to spend your back-to-school dollars with them. We couldn’t help but notice all of the deals coming from all types of retailers beyond Amazon.

Back-to-School Budget

Having kids is expensive. Talk to any parent and they will agree. The older they get, we find that they start to ask for more brand-name products. I remember feeling that same pressure in high school. I am fortunate in that everyone seems to pitch in for the back-to-school shopping event including his grandparents and aunts. This is great for me, but I am not sure that it helps teach my son about budgeting. The other thing school costs is that it doesn’t end in August or September –  the spending occurs throughout the school year!  This year we don’t have any major technology costs because we purchased a laptop last year. This year however is the grade 12 school trip which costs more than the laptop we purchased last year. Our son will be contributing to this purchase. We don’t give our son an allowance but we do give him Friday lunch money and all other days are brown bag days for him.

Back-to-School Spending Twitter Chat

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