Summer Time

Canadian winters are just the worst! Is it me or do the winters seem to get colder and longer? That is why we can’t wait for the summer months. We just can’t wait to put away our winter wardrobe and get out our shorts and tees and enjoy the sunshine. We get to enjoy meals and cocktails on patios. We get to entertain our friends and family in our backyards. We might even be lucky enough to vacation or even staycation.

As great as summer is – and yes it is great, It is so easy to spend more money during the summer months. How much money did you end up spending eating out? I bet you spent more money than you thought you did. The weather was so great and you didn’t feel like cooking right so you indulged? Did you buy a new patio to entertain your friends? Was that purchase in your budget? How about that summer vacation? Did you end up taking one? Was that summer vacation in your budget? If it was planned, did you stay on budget?

Back To School

Well right after summer is Back to School time. You know what it means. Your kids know what it means. You know that is a spending month. Back to school means new clothes, shoes, backpacks, tablets, computers, cables, coats, jackets, school supplies How did you fare? Did you have a back to school budget?  If you did, did you stay on budget? I bet you ended up spending more than you thought you would.

Back to Budget Time

We like to think of the month of September as the start of “Back to” month:

  • Back to school
  • Back to regular schedules
  • Back to packing lunches
  • Back to a regular bedtime
  • Back to early wake-ups
  • Back to homework
  • Back to after-school activities
  • Back to shopping
  • Back to long pants and jackets

This is also a time that you need to start thinking about getting “Back to Budget”!  After your summer spending and back to school spending, will you have enough to make it to Christmas spending season? Will you have to really tighten your belt to make it through to the end of the year? Please join us for the Back to Budget Twitter Party with Tangerine Bank.


Twitter Party Details

Back to Budget Twitter Party
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Time: 8:00pm ET to 9:00pm ET
Host: @TangerineBank
Prizing: $500 in Gift Cards
No RSVP Required.
Anyone can participate in the Twitter Party. Only those who live in Canada, excluding the province of Quebec can win prizes.

THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. We were compensated to write this post. Our opinions, as always are our own.